Virtual CFO and Project Management

Virtual CFO

Even though you are a small-medium sized business that cannot afford the outlay to hire an experienced CFO or even have the amount of work required to justify that expense in the first place, this does not mean you have to miss out.

Virtual CFO services provides you with an outsourced part-time experienced CFO that understands your business and provides the guidance required as part of your management team. The services are tailored to your needs and can include the following:

  • Budget setting, management and monitoring;
  • KPI setting, reporting and monitoring;
  • Monthly financial reporting and meeting attendance;
  • growth and turnaround guidance and management;
  • managing your accounting / bookkeeping teams/functions; and
  • strategic planning and goal setting.

Project Management

You might only need the expertise and assistance of a virtual CFO or our advisors in a more hands on role, we offer short-term and project based support.

The services are tailored to your needs and usually relate to the change and implementation management including:

  • Business expansion;
  • Business move;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Compliance updates;
  • System updates and modernisation; and
  • turnaround management.